Two Selves, a Wealth of Splendour, and Yin-Yang Harmony

Sufi Dancing, Archery, and Cinnabar Red

Buddhist Music, the Indian Craftsman, and Sufi Generosity

On Light, Knowledge, and a Japanese Goddess

An Adventure, Lines of Heaven, and Balkan Sufism

Divine Feminine, Work Spiritual, and a Musical Mantra

Dream Conversations, Cultivating the Mind, and the Earthly Angel

Seven Sleepers, Eloquent Images, and Weaving Mantras

A Rabbi and a Shaykh, Korean Buddhism, and the Arrow Prayer

Retreat, Remembrance and Purification: Sufi, Shinto & Native American

Javanese and Christian Luminaries, and Theravada–Carmelite Studies

Symbolism: Essential, Primordial, Abstract and Concrete

The Rose Blooming, Kumulipo Chant and Infinite Life

A Sufi Dragon, Ethiopian Dabtaras, and the Flower Garland Sutra

Who Is Man, Seven Liberal Arts, and Kapleau’s Life

Alchemical Insights, Goddess of the Sea, and Inspired Sense

An Algonquin Sage, Uncreated Icons and Flute Melodies

Chinese Qin Music, Saint Amaro, and the Dao

Maori Education, Eight Trigrams, and the Solitary Bird

“Puppet Complex”, the Essence of Virtue, and the Mystery of Ali

The Great War, an Ethiopian Saint, Sufism and Yoga

Relativism, to be a Person, and the Mysteries of Sound, Word and Reality

Mysteries of Divine and Human Speech, Light upon Light

Counting the Zen Way, Gaelic Songs and Hasidic Wisdom

One-Letter Mantra, Folk Indian Art and the “Centuries”

Aikido & Cosmology, John Main and a Hindu Summa

Kiondos, Pure Land Wisdom, and the Thirty-Six Hidden Saints

Poliphony, Heavenly Sounds and the Tipi of the Heart

Seven Subtleties, Ghazali’s Light and Hatha Yoga

The Self as the Enemy and the Friend, and a Hundred Word Eulogy

Musical Metaphysics, Japanese Synthesis, and the Identity of the Church

Great Learning, a Festival, and Aquinas and Islam

Two Swords, and Songs of Joy and the Four Worlds

Kintsugi, Hermetica and Beauty as State

Chinese Gleams, Language Depths, and Hindu and Christian Avatars

Christian Pilgrimage, Shugendo, and Seven Difficulties

Dame Julian, the Chinese Sage and Architecture

The Aim, Alchemy for Sisters, and Divine Help

The Underlying Religion, the Emperor’s Vigil and the Book of Formation

Singing Birds, Abu Bakr’s Prayer and Cooking Instructions

Returning to the World, Indian Music and Stray Camels

Bach’s Musical Geometry, Kabbalah Origins and The Dragon Gate

A Mustard Seed, Infinite Finitude and Calmness

A Master Gardener, the 24 Philosophers and Nation and Religion

Womanhood, Religious Craftsmen and Confucian Politics,

Three Things, Ritual Prayer and Martial Arts

Shinto Mediation, Liberating the Heart and Yogic Mindfulness

Lent Joy, Tiantai Contemplation and Teaching Religion

Truth Loved, Buddhist-Christian Dialogue and Eastern Wisdom

What is Man, Music and Harmony, and Confucian Rites

Wisdom Mantra, Snakes and Ladders, and Chinese Harmony

New Books, on Being-Time and Sufi Letters

Oxherding, the University and Lasting Joy

Why Work, the Zen Lectures and Anatheism

Human Body, the Temple at Ise and the Rose-Garden

Meaning of Intellect and the Christian Desert

Walking as Duty, Common Ground and Confucian Analects

The Temple, Beauty and the Wisdom of a Cat

The Passion, Anitas, the Jewel in the Lotus

Flowers, Pure Land and Indian Saints