Australian eJournal of Theology

A peer-reviewed, open access journal published three times a year. It provides a scholarly forum for interdisciplinary, ecumenical and interfaith exploration. They offer a free access collection of high quality articles in PDF format.

Eye of the Heart

A scholarly, peer-reviewed open-access journal providing a forum for the exploration of the great philosophical and religious traditions, and addressing the inner meaning of philosophy and religion. First four issues, until Nov. 2009, freely downloadable as individual PDF files.

Mawlana Rumi Review

Devoted to the life, thought, poetry and legacy of Rumi, this is a publication of the Rumi Institute, Near East University, Cyprus and the Rumi Studies Group at the Centre for Persian and Iranian Studies, Institute of Arab & Islamic Studies, University of Exeter, in association with Archetype.

Religions (Adyan)

Religions/Adyân is the annual and bi-lingual (English and Arabic) publication of the Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue, focusing on interreligious dialogue and the relations between Islam and other faiths. Freely downloadable PDF files with lots of high quality articles.

Renovatio: The Journal of Zaytuna College

A Muslim journal with contributions from scholars, theologians, and writers who examine timeless questions and today’s moral challenges by drawing from the enduring texts of revelatory faith traditions and current thinking from philosophy, theology, and ethics to history, politics, the social sciences, and beyond.

Sacred Web

Published bi-annually, Sacred Web is a publication devoted to the study of Tradition and modernity. The journal aims to identify Traditional “first principles” and their application to the circumstances of Modernity. They have a rich section of downloadable articles.

Journal of Scriptural Reasoning

The Society for Scriptural Reasoning (SSR) is a network of Jewish, Christian and Muslim scholars promoting religious readings of scriptures within the Academy. Members of SSR believe that the Abrahamic religions share a common habitus: the reading of scripture—however diverse our traditions and theologies.

Second Spring

An offspring of the Centre for Faith & Culture in Oxford, this Catholic journal revolves around the premise that faith, when lived, becomes culture, and that civilisation depends upon this relationship. A good number of valuable articles are freely available from their “Articles” and “Religions” sections.

Sophia, The Journal of Traditional Studies

Since 1995, Sophia has established itself as one of the foremost journals in the field of traditional studies. Sophia is published semi-annually by The Foundation for Traditional Studies.

Studies in Comparative Religion

Devoted to the exposition of the teachings, spiritual methods, symbolism, and other facets of the religious traditions of the world, this journal was founded in Britain in 1963, and it is currently produced by World Wisdom Books in Bloomington, Indiana. Their website includes a growing repository of the articles belonging to the first phase of the journal.

The Way

An international journal of contemporary Christian spirituality, published by the British Jesuits. Their website allows free access to back issues of the journal, containing a wealth of articles of a very high standard, treating mostly Christian themes but also a number of interfaith and other related issues.