About our cookies, in case you are interested:


No personally identifiable data is collected by us through your use of this website. The only data collected is anonymous visitor data including pages visited, search terms used to navigate to the site, approximate geographical area visited from, etc. This data is collected through the use of Google Analytics code.


EU privacy laws require that visitors to any website need to be informed about and give consent to the use of “cookies” on that site — small pieces of data which are stored on the visitor’s computer or browsing device and which may remain there, even after closing the web browser. The purpose of cookies is usually to enhance the website visitor’s experience, but can sometimes be used for malicious or invasive purposes.

Cookies on this website

The only cookies used on this site are related to the use of Google Analytics. We use the data from Google Analytics to form a picture of the number of visitors to the site, the types of search terms used and the number of visits to specific pages.

For more information

If you would like to know more about the cookies placed on your computer, please visit Google’s information page.

And if you are still reading and interested, you can learn even more about “The Cookie Law” following this link. Bon courage!