Interfaith & Intra-faith Initiatives

The Amman Message 

This document of historical importance was produced in 2006 by unanimous and universal consensus (ijma‘) among both the political and acknowledged religious leadership of the worldwide Islamic community (Ummah). It represents an agreement, without parallel for fourteen centuries, upon the most fundamental matters defining the Islamic faith. “It thus constitutes a definitive demarcation of true Islam in all its forms, and an authoritative identification—if not a definition—of orthodoxy in Islam.”

L’Association Monchanin-Le Saux pour la rencontre entre Hindous et Chrétiens 

Society for the dialogue and spiritual exchange between Hindus and Christians. Site in French only.

Building Bridges Seminar

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Building Bridges Seminar is an annual conference which brings together internationally recognised Christian and Muslim scholars for intensive study. Their website is hosted and maintained by The Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University, Washington DC.

Cambridge Khutbas etc.

Muslim sermons and talks in English, including mostly sermons and some lectures by Abdal Hakim Murad (Tim Winter), both for listening and reading.

A Common Word

A very comprehensive website dedicated to furthering knowledge about the historic open letter, dated 13 October 2007, from leaders of the Muslim faith to leaders of the Christian faith. With the letter text to download in several languages, and an interesting section containing recommended reading lists.

Deen Intensive Foundation

Deen Intensive Foundation is a North American initiative dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the core sacred sciences of Islam from traditional sources. They provide quality educational programs for men and women to come together to study with qualified scholars and teachers from all the world.

Dialogue Interreligieux Monastique (DIMMID)

Monastic Interreligious Dialogue, an international organization of Catholic monks and nuns who promote and support dialogue with followers of other religions. With content in several languages, they publish the online journal Dilatato Corde.

La Fraternité d’Abraham

Founded in 1967, Abraham’s Fraternity, based in Paris, brings together Jews, Christians and Muslims in the realisation of their common patrimony, and in effective work towards conciliation. Site in French.

Islam and Buddhism

“The specific intention and goal of this endeavor is to identify a spiritual ‘Common Ground’ (authentically based on the religious sacred texts of Islam and Buddhism) between Muslims and Buddhists that will enable both communities to love and respect each other not merely as human beings in general, but also as Muslims and Buddhists in particu lar.”

Radical Middle Way

Founded in the wake of the 7/7 attacks on the London underground, they promote a mainstream, moderate understanding of Islam that young people can relate to and that is at the same time a faithful representative and transmitter of traditional values and scholarship.

Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies

“A coordinating body supporting activities related to the comparative study of, and the practical interaction between, Buddhism and Christianity.”

World Congress of Faiths

The World Congress of Faiths is a personal membership educational charity established in 1936. Based in London, they publish the journal Interreligious Insight, and they arrange a variety of conferences, retreats, visits and group travels.