Academic Contacts

Association of the Friends of Henry and of Stella Corbin

This website, rich in free materials in English, French, Persian and other languages, furthers the diffusion of works on and by Henry Corbin (1903–1978), one of the 20th century’s most prolific scholars of Islamic mysticism, and Professor of Islam & Islamic Philosophy at the Sorbonne in Paris and at the University of Teheran.

Cambridge Inter-Faith Programme

Working within the University of Cambridge’s top-ranking Faculty of Divinity, CIP facilitates high-level research, studentships and conferences. Their rich website acts as a gateway to other interesting high-profile interfaith projects.

Cambridge Muslim College

The Cambridge Muslim College supports the development of training and Islamic scholarship to help meet the many challenges facing Britain today. The college is dedicated to maintaining academic excellence and pushing the boundaries of Islamic learning in the West. They have an excellent website with a growing library of free-access articles and media.

The Eckhart Society

Committed to the highest possible standards in scholarship and spirituality, The Eckhart Society is dedicated to the study and promotion of the principles and teachings of Meister Eckhart. One of their aims is to promote the study of Eckhart’s teaching as a contribution to interreligious dialogue.

Fondazione per le scienze religiose

The Fondazione per le scienze religiose (FSCIRE) is an Italian registered charity and “national research infrastructure” furthering studies in the field of religious sciences, with particular regard to Christianity, Islam and related religious traditions. In 2018 they launched the La Pira Library and Research Centre in Palermo, whose activities focus on the History and Doctrines of Islam.

Index Theologicus

An international bibliography of Theology and Religious Studies, maintained by the Library of the University of Tübingen; excellent search engine for related literature.

The Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies

The IOCS is a pan-Orthodox house for theological studies. Founded in 1999, it is the sole Christian Orthodox institution for higher education in the United Kingdom, bringing together Christians from all the historical Orthodox Churches in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Greece, as well as from the various Orthodox jurisdictions in the UK and the Western world. Their website contains a wealth of free resources, including audio and video lectures.

The Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi Society

Founded in 1977 to promote a greater understanding of the work of Ibn ‘Arabi and his followers. It is an international association with its headquarters in Oxford, England, and a branch in Berkeley, California. Their website has over 150 translations and articles republished from the Society’s Journal and other sources.

The Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts

Founded in 2004 by HRH The Prince of Wales, the School developed from the Visual Islamic and Traditional Arts Programme (VITA) that was established at The Royal College of Art in 1984 by Keith Critchlow. They combine the teaching of the timeless practical skills of traditional arts and crafts with an understanding of the philosophy inherent within them.

Professor James Cutsinger

Professor of Theology and Religious Thought at the University of South Carolina.

Istituto Sangalli

Located in the heart of medieval Florence, the Sangalli Institute was founded in 2014 to favour and promote, in Italy and abroad, socio-religious studies both in a long-period historical perpective, with a multi and inter-disciplinary view, and in a larger cultural dimension, open to the comparison and the inter-religious dialogue.

Temenos Academy

The Temenos Academy is a registered charity, under the patronage of HRH The Prince of Wales, which offers education in philosophy and the arts in the light of the sacred traditions of East and West. Its programme includes a two-year part-time Diploma Course in the Perennial Philosophy.

Woolf Institute

A member of the Cambridge Theological Federation, this is one of the world’s leading institutes in the study and teaching of all aspects of the encounter between Christians and Jews throughout the ages. It houses the first and only academic centre in Europe dedicated to fostering relations between Muslims and Jews through teaching, research and dialogue.

Zaytuna College 

Zaytuna students follow a rigorous curriculum in Islamic Studies, including a traditionally demanding approach to Arabic, as well as studies in the humanities and social sciences. Founded in 1996, Zaytuna expects to gain accreditation from the academic bodies in the United States, as well as recognition from major educational institutions in the Muslim world. They publish the journal Seasons.