The Underlying Religion, the Emperor’s Vigil and the Book of Formation

Our latest library additions include an introduction by Clinton Minnaar to The Underlying Religion. Like the book itself, these pages are an introduction to the Perennial Philosophy in both width and depth, providing information on key authors and works, but most importantly bringing home the vital implications of the transcendent unity of religions for our times and our individual lives.

While the Truth requires the deployment of the intelligence—“with all thy mind”—, and the Way (or Prayer) requires the activity of the will—“with all thy strength”—, the Life (or Virtue) requires conformity of the sentiment—“with all thy soul”.

• We also have a new article by Carmen Blacker on the symbolism of the daijosai, one of the rites of enthronement of the Japanese emperor.

The legitimacy of the imperial line… depends not so much on hereditary blood succession as on the complete and correct transference of the imperial mitama from the old emperor to his successor… In the daijosai we have, marvelously preserved like a kind of spiritual fossil, one of the most complex and mysterious rituals for the consecration of a king to survive from the ancient world.

• And a reference page for the Sefer Yetzirah or “Book of Formation”, one of the most important works of Jewish traditional grammar-cosmology, including links to several translations and commentaries.

When Abraham was born, God consulted with the Sefer Yetzirah which said, “Give (me to him).” So God handed it over to Abraham, who sat alone and meditated… and could not understand it at all until there came a heavenly voice and said to him, “Do you seek to compare anything with me? I am One and I created Sefer Yetzirah and investigated it and made everything which is written in it.