Audio Glossary of the World Religions
Produced by The Shap Working Party on World Religions in Education, this innovative resource will be useful not only for the Religious Education teachers for whom it was created, but for any student of comparative religious who needs to ascertain the correct pronunciation of key terms and sacred names in many different languages.

Common Ground News Service 
CGNews articles, written by authors from over 45 countries and republished throughout the world in many languages, have a constructive perspective on key issues affecting Muslim-Western relations. Refreshing news reports that focus not on violence but on harmonious coexistence.

Emma Clark, Islamic Garden Design
A Senior Tutor on the post-graduate Visual Islamic and Traditional Arts (VITA) Programme at The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, London, Emma Clark designs gardens with a fundamentally spiritual and holistic outlook, undertaking them for private clients and public institutions, both in the U.K. and abroad. She specialises mainly in Islamic gardens, focusing on contemporary interpretations of traditional principles.

Gai Eaton’s website
A website set up by the family of British writer and Muslim scholar Gai Eaton, who died in 2010 at the age of 89, to honour his life and work. They provide biographical information, original audio and video resources, quotations from his works and links to related sites.

Based in Lahore, Hast-o-Neest Centre for Traditional Art & Culture is a not-for-profit institute for the promotion of traditional art and culture. They bring together masters and students of art under one roof in an effort to produce artworks that are both beautiful and functional. At Hast-o-Neest masters of arts teach and pass on their knowledge to students through workshops and courses, including subsidiary courses of language, philosophy and literature.

Matmedia Productions
Established in 2001, Matmedia Productions produces both documentary and feature films which explore the notions of spirituality, philosophy and the destiny of man. Most notably they are the producers of the widely acclaimed “Ghazali: The Alchemist of Happiness”. Their collaboration with The Matheson Trust has crystallised in the film “Circling the House of God”.

Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh Archive
The work of several decades by a number of parishioners and disciples of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh (1914–2003). They offer recorded talks, interviews and sermons, some video recordings and transcriptions, plus many photographs and other materials related to this eminent representative of the Russian Orthodox church.

Orthodox Arts Journal
An online journal covering visual arts, music, liturgical ceremony and texts from the Christian Orthodox tradition.

Religio Perennis
Home to the Sophia Library, “dedicated to the presentation of the timeless Truth underlying the diverse religions.” This website contains a wealth of articles in English and French, as well as art galleries and links to journals and publishers related to the Perennialist school.

Sandala is an online repository and shop making available books, articles and recordings from Shaykh Hamza Yusuf and related scholars. It is their aim to make available products that reflect the inherent beauty of the Islamic tradition. Free membership enables you to access lots of video and audio lectures.

Serious Seekers 
A large and valuable repository of resources relating to different traditions, and a number of writings by Perennialist authors. They also make available for sale a carefully chosen stock of relevant books.

Soli Deo Gloria Music
Soli Deo Gloria is dedicated to enhancing, promoting and preserving European classical sacred music in the Biblical tradition. SDG aim to “foster music that speaks to the human condition, dealing with the deepest and most universal concerns of the soul.” Following in the footsteps of J.S. Bach, their site contains many links to listen, mostly choral works. Click here to watch their introductory video.

Ten Thousand Films
An independent documentary film company based in the USA and the UK, dedicated to making films of substance about traditional arts, religion, spirituality and culture. In co-operation with the Matheson Trust they have recorded selected lectures at the St. Theosevia Centre for Christian Spirituality, Oxford, and other venues across the UK. They have also produced the forthcoming documentary “Common Ground between Islam and Buddhism”.