Some appraisals of our work:

“Even after hours of searching, your website has the best religious audio spread I found to date!”

An American educator

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“I would also like to express my gratitude for compiling what is the best online resource for comparative religious studies. I have recommended your site to colleagues, students and friends, and refer to it regularly whenever possible.”

Zachary Markwith

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“I have a problem with the Matheson Trust website: every time, a few minutes after I start reading or listening to your posts, I feel compelled to stop reading, to retire to my room and pray, and so I never get to read more than a few paragraphs.”

A Russian Orthodox reader

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“At a time when religions are not only parodied and vilified by secularists but misconstrued, underestimated, and misrepresented by their own adherents, it is crucial to have reliable access to the most essential of traditional sources as well to contemporary voices who can help us fathom their richness and depth. The online library of the Matheson Trust provides precisely this kind of access. Featuring a wide array of written, audio, and video resources, it is fast becoming a port of call for an expanding, global audience of serious students and seekers.”

James Cutsinger, Professor of Theology and Religious Thought
University of South Carolina

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“The Matheson Trust [] takes seriously the responsible, intellectually demanding and spiritually important task of comparative religions. This will serve all those in a religious community, or none, to work together and to think through the complex matters before us. Its sponsorship of other media to advance this cause is to be applauded.”

Gavin D’Costa, Professor of Christian Theology
Department of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Bristol, UK

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“The virtual library which includes print as well as audio and visual resources which the Trust is producing in conjunction with scholars of religion promises to be an excellent resource for students, scholars and more generally those who appreciate the inner-meaning of spirituality in world religions.”

Josef W. Meri, Academic Director
Centre for the Study of Muslim-Jewish Relations, Cambridge, UK

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“The Matheson Trust (“For the Study of Comparative Religion”) has developed into a veritable treasure-house for scholars and seekers who wish to rediscover the boundless riches of the world’s religious and mythological traditions. The sound archive is a burgeoning repository of hitherto inaccessible materials while the extensive library of printed and electronic literature is continually expanding. The Trust is also doing invaluable work through its publication program, lectures, conferences and symposia. In our dark and confused times the Matheson Trust stands as one of the few beacons of Tradition in all its manifold guises.”

Harry Oldmeadow
La Trobe University, Bendigo, Australia

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“This is an extraordinary florilège of oral wisdom and musical inspiration that will delight all those who are in love with the sacred.”

Patrick Laude
Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar

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[] such a fantastic website. It really is a “treasure trove” filled with wonderful topics that enrich the mind and heart of the various dimensions and manifestations of the world’s great and authentic religions. The audio files and PDFs are genuine treasures that the listener/reader can indulge in and reflect upon when the opportunity arises [] the knowledge it offers will play a significant role in the promotion of a richer and more intellectual understanding of the religions of the world, and for those who have the capacity, to help them come closer to the Sacred (in all Its forms).

Ali Shkara, student