The Matheson Trust was established in London in 1974 by Donald McLeod Matheson C.B.E. (1896-1979). Matheson himself was a fine translator of works related to the universal aspects of religion, and thus the Trust was from the beginning dedicated to the study of comparative religion, especially from the point of view of the underlying harmony of the great religious and philosophical traditions of the world.

D M Matheson
D M Matheson portrait

Registered as a UK charity (no. 284155) in 1982, the Trust pursues its objectives by means such as audio-visual media, the support and sponsorship of lecture series and conferences, the creation of a website, collaboration with film production and publishing companies as well as the Trust’s own series of publications. Please check our Testimonials page to see what some interfaith authorities and some of our readers have to say about us.

Matheson Trust associates have included, among others, Martin Lings, Charles Le Gai Eaton and William Stoddart.

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