Publishers of books and media on traditional wisdom, Archetype produce books and other media that convey the beauty, spirituality and vitality of the world’s wisdom traditions.

Fons Vitae
A peer-reviewed publishing house, Fons Vitae is distinguished for its significant English translations of key Arabic and Persian works, especially in the field of Sufism.

The Islamic Texts Society
An educational charity registered in Cambridge, UK, the ITS was founded in 1981. Since then, it has uninterruptedly pioneered the field of Islamic publishing in the West, setting standards of translation, scholarship and book production. Among others, they produce the Ghazali Series and a series on Islamic Jurisprudence by M H Kamali.

World Wisdom Books
A publishing company established in 1980. Through its Library of Perennial Philosophy, encompassing seven distinct series, World Wisdom makes available expositions on “the inner unanimity, transforming radiance, and irreplaceable value of the great spiritual traditions.” Their publications aim to provide the intellectual principles capable of explaining both the formal contradictions and the underlying unity of the great religions.