A Master Gardener, the 24 Philosophers and Nation and Religion

Our selections this week include a video interview with renowned horticulturalist Alan Chadwick, filmed in Covelo, California, in 1978.

Man utterly belongs, is adored by nature, is utterly requisite in the ordination of the totality of nature, spiritual, mental and physical, as an absolute necessity for the procedure of destiny in the revolvement of the world and its growth… he cannot divorce himself and live in happiness, and build an environment that shuts out that connection.

• We also present a new translation of a medieval metaphysical gem, the influential Book of the 24 Philosophers, in a bilingual Latin-English edition.

Upon a gathering of twenty-four philosophers, only one question remained for them to answer:
what is God?

• And finally “Nichiren’s View of Nation and Religion”, an article by Prof. Sato Hiroo discussing a Japanese Buddhist view on the relation between state and faith.

For Nichiren, the Tenno is no more than the means to realize “peace of the nation.” The Tenno is an entity that is at the service of a higher and more sublime religious ideal (the Buddha Dharma) and, as such, comes to be affirmed and recognized as the nation’s sovereign.