The Aim, Alchemy for Sisters, and Divine Help

We start the new year with a translation of the very influential treatise by St Seraphim of Sarov on the “acquisition of the Holy Spirit”, a testament to the vitality of a truly genuine Christian esoterism.

The soul speaks and converses during prayer, but at the descent of the Holy Spirit we must remain in complete silence, in order to hear clearly and intelligibly all the words of eternal life which He will then deign to communicate.

• We follow with a selection of rare Chinese texts on feminine alchemy, or secret teachings on inner purification for women, “for the perfection of true harmony”.

In the science of essence and life, men and women are the same—there is no discrimination… What is most essential at the beginning of this study is self-refinement. Self-refinement is a matter of mind and breathing resting on each other. This means that the mind rests on the breathing and the breathing rests on the mind.

• And finally an introductory article, “Helping the Cosmos”, on the meaning of the Hindu avataras and their qualities, by Mary Brockington.

“Whenever there occurs a decline in righteousness and a surge in unrighteousness, then I send forth myself. To protect the good and to destroy evil-doers, in order to establish righteousness, I come into being from age to age.”