Two Selves, a Wealth of Splendour, and Yin-Yang Harmony

Buddhist Music, the Indian Craftsman, and Sufi Generosity

Divine Feminine, Work Spiritual, and a Musical Mantra

The Dreaming, the Living Awaken, and the Five Dreams

Recollection, Providence, Memory, and Knowledge

Orthodox Eros, Jewish Compassion, and the Spiritual Master

Pythagorean Lives and Sacred Work

On Coomaraswamy, Ornament, and the Keepers of Memory

Towards the Essential, Science, Knowledge and Religion

On God’s Name, Sound and Liturgy, Jewish-Muslim Places

Who Is Man, Seven Liberal Arts, and Kapleau’s Life

Heart Prayer, the Oupnek’hat, and Lives of Man

Maori Education, Eight Trigrams, and the Solitary Bird

Sacred Architecture, Silent Dhikr, and Wild Stones

“Puppet Complex”, the Essence of Virtue, and the Mystery of Ali

The Intermediate State, Perennial Philosophy, and Juz’ Amma

Science Examined, The Origin of ‘Scripture’, and Kabbalistic Retreats

Books and Contemplative Life, the Royal Society, and Psychology Analysed

Tolkien, Mulla Sadra on Prayer, and Conservatism

The Power of Prayers, and Illusion and Reality

The Angel of Light, Dance of Condors and the Matter of Metaphysics

Aikido & Cosmology, John Main and a Hindu Summa

The Queen and the Avatar, the Name of Jesus, Where We Are

Wonder, Comparing Philosophy, and Breaking the Spell

Many Sides, Arhuaco Wisdom and a Personal Journey

The Holy Mountain, Sacred Art and Progress

Adastra, the Cosmic Luth and Confessional Accounting

Lady Philosophy, India and the Vale of the Soul

The Song of Songs of Divine Love, and a Modern Reform

The Underlying Religion, the Emperor’s Vigil and the Book of Formation

Returning to the World, Indian Music and Stray Camels

A Master Gardener, the 24 Philosophers and Nation and Religion

Kiss of Life, Learning from Islam and the Power of Melancholy

Womanhood, Religious Craftsmen and Confucian Politics,

Three Things, Ritual Prayer and Martial Arts

Lent Joy, Tiantai Contemplation and Teaching Religion

Truth Loved, Buddhist-Christian Dialogue and Eastern Wisdom

Oxherding, the University and Lasting Joy

Yoga and Power, Survival and the Cherubinic Wanderer

Why Work, the Zen Lectures and Anatheism

Know Thyself, Divine Energies and Human Perfection

The Roman Philosopher, Sherrard and Nature

Bhagavad Gita, Intellectual Freedom and Interreligious Dialogue

Flowers, Pure Land and Indian Saints

Common Word Conversation, Psycho-Analysis and Arabic Wisdom

Knowledge, Gold and Principles of Nature

Divine Love, Science Dogmas, Leonard Cohen and the Metaphysics of Money