Flowers, Pure Land and Indian Saints

Our latest library additions include a now classic article by Lord Northbourne on the symbolism of flowers:

…we are speaking of the world, and that is exactly what the world is, perfection manifested in imperfection, the absolute in the relative, the infinite in the finite; every part of the world mirrors the whole. The paradoxical or mysterious or miraculous character of the world is reflected in the gaiety, the subtlety and the extravagance of its floral adornment.

An article by Harold Stewart on the development and essential teachings of True Pure Land school of Buddhism:

Faith is distinguished by three qualities: it is sincere without admixture of doubt or endeavour; it is single-minded in its reliance on the Other Power; and it is continuous in its trust and longing for Rebirth. The characteristics of Faith are clarity, calm, and happiness, and on no account should it be confused with mere belief, a wishful attachment of the mind and emotions to an ideology or dogma, which may be true or false… What then can be done to acquire that pure selfless Faith which we lack and which alone can extricate us from our human predicament?

• And a brief article by D.M. Matheson on the lives of “Two Indian Saints”, bearing witness to the peaceful and fruitful coexistence of Hinduism and Buddhism over the centuries.

• Upcoming events: —This is the last reminder for our Islam-Buddhism Common Ground event with Rev. Kemmyo Taira Sato and Dr Reza Shah-Kazemi. —26 April, Vancouver, Sacred Web 2014 Conference on the theme of “Rediscovering the Sacred in our Lives and in our Times.” —From 9th to 11th May, Sacred Gardens, practical & philosophical workshop with Emma Clark.