Yoga and Power, Survival and the Cherubinic Wanderer

• Our first new addition this week is an article by James L. Fitzgerald on “A Prescription for Yoga and Power in the Mahabharata,” with a brief text on the truths relating to moksha, the “freedom of an arrow in flight”:

…as a pilot who concentrates intently guides his ocean-going ship swiftly into port, so he who knows the fundamental prin­ciples of the world and has engaged in concentration of his Self by means of yoga harnessing, reaches a position that is very hard to get to, once he leaves this body behind.

• An article by Lord Northbourne on “The Survival of Civilization”:

In exalting our own powers over Nature we diminish ourselves, for the realisation of our full potentiality does not depend on the development and exercise of those powers for our own terrestrial advantage; it depends entirely on the fulfilment by us of our spiritual function; for that alone can keep us in touch with the imperishable and finally bring us into union with it.

• And finally, adding to our Mystical Poetry Collection, we have a selection of poems by the German mystic Angelus Silesius, with original audio in German and English:

Freund, es ist auch genug. Im Fall du mehr willst lesen,
So geh und werde selbst die Schrift und selbst das Wesen.

Friend, it is now enough. Wouldst thou read more, go hence,
Become thyself the Writing and thyself the Essence.

• The Fellowship of St Alban & St Sergius invites you to a forthcoming talk by Fr Maximus Lavriotes on “Hesychasm and the Integrity of Human Nature.” Wednesday 22nd October at St James’s Church, Paddington. Please click here for full details.