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Pu’an Mantra / Stanzas of Siddham (Pu’an Zhou/Shitan Zhang)

File Type: Audio, Video

Heavenly Seclusion (Tianyinzi—Taoist Meditation)

Livia Kohn

File Type: PDF

Shuo Gua (Explanation of the Diagrams)—Yijing

Richard J. Lynn, Richard Wilhelm

File Type: PDF

Guanyin as Goddess of the Sea—Iconography

Margaret Reid

File Type: PDF

Tao Te Ching (Daodejing—selections with audio)

Lao Tzu

File Type: Audio, PDF

Music as a Tool for Self-Realization in Chinese Culture

Rafa? Mazur

File Type: PDF

A Genealogical Study of De: Poetical Correspondence of Sky, Earth, and Humankind

Huaiyu Wang

File Type: PDF

Spiritual Alchemy for Women

Thomas Cleary

File Type: PDF

Tianming, Yijing and the Metaphysical Roots of the Classical Confucian Political Ideal

William Keli’i Akina

File Type: PDF

The Craft and Geometry of Martial Arts

Juan Acevedo

File Type: PDF

The Subtle Art of a Cat (Neko no Myojutsu)

Issai Chozan

File Type: eBook, PDF

The Way of Go

Desmond Meraz

File Type: PDF

Sacred Audio: Far East

File Type: Audio


Huston Smith

File Type: PDF

Introduction to Light from the East

Harry Oldmeadow

File Type: PDF