The Subtle Art of a Cat (Neko no Myojutsu)

on the esoteric aspects of the Japanese way of the sword (Kendo)
Issai Chozan (1659–1741)

Teaching is easy. Listening is easy. But it is difficult to become aware of what one has in one’s self, to mark it out and really to take possession of it. That is known as looking into one’s own being; this practice is called ‘the one-eye vision’.

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Alternative translations are available from Terebess, Budapest. Two Japanese original versions are available on our Matheson archive: one, “text A”, in contemporary spelling, from Seikyo Gakuen Kendo Club, Osaka, and an older recension, “text B”, courtesy of Hiroaki Yamada, with thanks. A video recorded group recitation of the text can be found following this link, with thanks to Yu-san’ Kendo Memorandum.