Sacred Audio: Far East

Although some of the recordings in this section belong to Buddhist schools, their related practices are always inscribed within the sphere of influence of the “Three Teachings” (the idea of San Jiao in China, Shinjubutsu Ichi in Japan), i.e. Confucianism and Buddhism amalgamated with indigenous traditions such as Taoism in China, Shinto in Japan or Mugyo in Korea. It is this challenging and enduring synthesis, instead of any single tradition, which characterises what can be called Far Eastern Religions.

Amitabha Sutra

Juseige (from the Infinite Life Sutra)

Gagaku – Music of the Imperial Court in Kyoto

Aikido Kotodama (Word Spirits)

Norito—Shinto Incantations

Om Mani Padme Hum

Pu’an Mantra/Stanzas of Siddham (Pu’an Zhou/Shitan Zhang)

Yayue/Aak – Chinese Imperial Court Music

Zhunti Mantra (Cundi Dharani)

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