Music as a Tool for Self-Realization in Chinese Culture

Based on the Practice of Playing the Guqin
by Rafal Mazur

Research on music as a cognitive practice anticipating certain sage-specific way of action, described in the Daoist classics; practice that allows to reach the wuxin state of mind which enables perception of the world in its transformations, in perpetual motion, and therefore allows to act in accordance with the changes, to join this motion of the world, to unite with Dao.

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Readers may be interested in listening to one of the classic pieces of the sixteenth century Qin repertoire, “The Evening Song of the Drunken Fisherman”:

Played by Master Tsar Teh-Yun.

Played by Liu Li, with thanks to the New York Guqin Association.

Originally published in US-China Foreign Language, April 2015, Vol. 13, No. 4. Republished here with thanks.