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Hayy ibn Yaqzan—An Allegorical Tale

Ibn Tufayl

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Macarius: The Fire in the Heart

George Maloney, Pseudo-Macarius

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Black Elk Speaks—Excerpt

Black Elk, John G. Neihardt

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Shinto Purification: The Misogi Ritual

Stuart D. B. Picken

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Simnani on Seclusion and Recollection

al-Simnani, Jamal J. Elias

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La Martorana: Church of St Mary of the Admiral in Palermo

Maria Vaiou

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Iamblichus: The Pythagorean Life

Gillian Clark, Iamblichus

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Music: Metaphysical Correspondences

Alain Daniélou

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The Rule of St Columbanus

St Columbanus

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Heavenly Seclusion (Tianyinzi—Taoist Meditation)

Livia Kohn

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Shuo Gua (Explanation of the Diagrams)—Yijing

Richard J. Lynn, Richard Wilhelm

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The O Antiphons

Fr William Saunders

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Simone Weil on the Lord’s Prayer: “Une attention pure

Simone Weil

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Spiritual Discipline and Psychic Power

James Cowan

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On Those who Think that They are Made Righteous by Works

St Mark The Ascetic

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The Maiden of Ludmir–The Maiden Possessed

Nathaniel Deutsch

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A Comparison of Hindu and Buddhist Techniques of Attaining Samadhi

Eddie Crangle

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Centuries of Meditation

Thomas Traherne

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The Experience of God—Illusion and Reality

David Bentley Hart

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Kikuyu Kiondo Cosmology: Why Traditional African Huts are Circular

Joseph Waweru Kamenju

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Amatsu Norito—Shinto Incantations

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Ghazali’s Mishkat al-Anwar (Niche of Lights)

A. J. Wensinck

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Who is Satan and Where is Hell?

Ananda K. Coomaraswamy

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Abraham Joshua Heschel

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Nigunim (Hasidic Songs)

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Double-Entry Accounting and Confession

James Aho

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Sharing Saints, Shrines, and Stories: Practicing Pluralism in North India

Anna Barry Bigelow

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The Classic of Weiqi in Thirteen Chapters (Qijing Shisanpian)

Zhang Ni

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Reification of Language in Jewish Mysticism

Moshe Idel

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