Nigunim (Hasidic Songs)

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The Value of Song

Hasidism set piety above learning and regarded the expression of exuberant joy as a chief religious duty. The Hasidic leaders believed that vocal music is the best medium of rising to salvation. “All melodies are derived from the source of sanctity, from the temple of music. Impurity knows no song, because it knows no joy; for it is the source of all melancholy.” “Through song, calamities can be removed.” “Music originates from the prophetic spirit, and has the power to elevate one to prophetic inspiration.”

Song is the soul of the universe. The realm of Heaven sings; the Throne of God Breathes music; even the Tetragrammaton “Yahve” is composed of four musical notes. “Every science, every religion, every philosophy, even atheism has its particular song. The loftier the religion or the science, the more exalted is its music.”

The Tzadik, as the only representative of his flock, has sole admission to the Heavenly spring of music. He receives the holy, magic song from that source and uses it as a tool to purify the fallen soul, heal the sick, and perform all sorts of miracles. The Tzadik receives the most exalted music of the Divine wherewith he destroys all songs of the pagan religions and of heresy. Some of the saints believed they could achieve more in the Heavens through the power of their song than through that of their prayers. “In the high spheres there exist temples that can be opened through song only.”

Two Songs of Joy (Nigunim Simchah)

Song of Joy from Reb Shimon Lazarof of Lenigrad

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Song of Joy of 1, 2, 3 (Eints, Tzvei, Drei)

Right-click here to download – 2:38 (2.5MB)

Niggun of Four Stanzas

Right-click here to download – 13:33 (13MB)

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