Spiritual Discipline and Psychic Power

James Cowan

The Dreaming is a fragile place. For it to weave its spell again, men and women of all creeds and beliefs will need to throw off the cloak of logic and raciocination, and accept the mytho-poetry of the Dreaming as a supernatural reality. They will have to recognize also that the Aborigines have made the “face of the earth” their Bhagavad Gita, their Torah, their Bible or Koran. Indeed the Dreaming is the Aboriginal Ark of the Covenant which they have been carrying about the Australian continent since the beginning of time… I gained the impression that Aborigines are a unique race because they are utterly possessed by the Dreaming.

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Originally published in Mysteries of the Dream-Time: The Spiritual Life of Australian Aborigines, Prism Books, 1992. Republished here with thanks.