A Goddess of Depth, Overcoming Nature, and Flying Home

Javanese and Christian Luminaries, and Theravada–Carmelite Studies

Lord of Dance, Bektashi Songs, and Cosmic Love

Voices of Fire, Indian Alchemy, and a Sufi Master’s Letters

Sacred Music, the Seven Castles of the Soul, and Jewish-Muslim Encounters

Heart Prayer, the Oupnek’hat, and Lives of Man

Yogaswami, Metaphysics of Noah’s Ark and the Letter Nun

“Puppet Complex”, the Essence of Virtue, and the Mystery of Ali

Cosmic Dance, Hindu & Buddhist Techniques, and Moroccan Jewish Songs

The Yoga Sutras in Sanskrit and Arabic, and Mozart’s Eternal Vision

One-Letter Mantra, Folk Indian Art and the “Centuries”

Aikido & Cosmology, John Main and a Hindu Summa

The Queen and the Avatar, the Name of Jesus, Where We Are

Seven Subtleties, Ghazali’s Light and Hatha Yoga

Many Sides, Arhuaco Wisdom and a Personal Journey

Presence, Elias Returning, and a Shared Saint

Kintsugi, Hermetica and Beauty as State

An ABC Garland, Sacred Masks and William of Tripoli

Chinese Gleams, Language Depths, and Hindu and Christian Avatars

Christian Pilgrimage, Shugendo, and Seven Difficulties

Weighing the Word, the mystic OM, a little mystagogy and the five hearts

Silence, Bach, Collective Work and Presence

Islam without Sufism, Leibniz and an Old Master

Lady Philosophy, India and the Vale of the Soul

The Aim, Alchemy for Sisters, and Divine Help

Returning to the World, Indian Music and Stray Camels

Womanhood, Religious Craftsmen and Confucian Politics,

Shinto Mediation, Liberating the Heart and Yogic Mindfulness

Wisdom Mantra, Snakes and Ladders, and Chinese Harmony

Yoga and Power, Survival and the Cherubinic Wanderer

Human Body, the Temple at Ise and the Rose-Garden

Yudhishthira and His Dog, Exploring Interiority and the Classic on the Ka‘bah

Bhagavad Gita, Intellectual Freedom and Interreligious Dialogue

Common Word Conversation, Psycho-Analysis and Arabic Wisdom

Shaykh Yusuf, Wisdom of Animals, Pico’s Secret and Chinese and Hindu Art

The 33 Questions, the Stone, Beauty and Three Sufi Poems

The Principle of Love, Radha and Krishna, Scholars vs Mystics and Sufi Wine

Sahaja, Sacrifice, the Garden and the Phoenix

Intention, “Son of God”, al-Shadhili and Om and Amen

Fasting, on Translation, the Problem of Evil and the Parliament of Religions

Mirror of Gesture, Ibn Gabirol, Imam Ali and Wabi-Sabi

The Vedanta, the Chariot, a Qur’anic Response and Christian-Muslim Dialogue

How to Enter the Heart, the Hindu Sacraments and the Oneness of Being

Sacred Audio Collection