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Yijing Hexagrams: 1. Heaven (qian)

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Pu’an Mantra / Stanzas of Siddham (Pu’an Zhou/Shitan Zhang)

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Heavenly Seclusion (Tianyinzi—Taoist Meditation)

Livia Kohn

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Shuo Gua (Explanation of the Diagrams)—Yijing

Richard J. Lynn, Richard Wilhelm

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A Mountain of Saints and Sages

Tristan G. Brown

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Tao Te Ching (Daodejing—selections with audio)

Lao Tzu

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Music as a Tool for Self-Realization in Chinese Culture

Rafa? Mazur

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The Eight Trigrams and Their Changes

Matthias Hayek

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A Genealogical Study of De: Poetical Correspondence of Sky, Earth, and Humankind

Huaiyu Wang

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Le Taoïsme sans Tao

André Préau

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The Heart of Wang Daiyu’s Philosophy: The Seven Subtleties of Islamic Spiritual Physiology

Kristian Petersen

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The Hundred-Word Eulogy (Baizizan)

Hongwu Emperor

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The Great Learning (Daxue)


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The Classic of Weiqi in Thirteen Chapters (Qijing Shisanpian)

Zhang Ni

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The Place of T’ien-fang hsing-li in the Islamic Tradition

William C. Chittick

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The Sage in Chinese Tradition: Wisdom and Virtue Personified

Kim Sung-hae

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The Dragon Gate—The Longmen Tradition at Mount Jingai and its Alchemical Practices

Monica Esposito

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The Craft and Geometry of Martial Arts

Juan Acevedo

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Harmony in Popular Belief and its Relation to Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism

Cheng Chih-ming

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The Three-Character Rhymed Classic on the Ka‘bah

J. Peter Hobson, Ma Fu-ch’u, Yusuf Ma Dexin

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What is Common to Indian and Chinese Art?

Ananda K. Coomaraswamy

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Yayue/Aak (Ancient Chinese Court Music)

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Huston Smith

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