An Adventure, Lines of Heaven, and Balkan Sufism

Seven Sleepers, Eloquent Images, and Weaving Mantras

A Rabbi and a Shaykh, Korean Buddhism, and the Arrow Prayer

Recollection, Providence, Memory, and Knowledge

Orthodox Eros, Jewish Compassion, and the Spiritual Master

Aspects of the Divine Veil: Hidden God, Protective Mother

A Shared House, Sinai Icons, and Ascent in Song

Towards the Essential, Science, Knowledge and Religion

Voices of Fire, Indian Alchemy, and a Sufi Master’s Letters

Saints and Heroes, Christic Peace and Unveiling

The Rose Blooming, Kumulipo Chant and Infinite Life

Who Is Man, Seven Liberal Arts, and Kapleau’s Life

Knots Untied, Rabbi Nachman, and Bread Making

Seven Dragons, Time and Aeviternity

Skeletons, Cosmic Cycles, Stars and Saints

St Catherine’s Library, and the Jasmine in the Heart

Maori Education, Eight Trigrams, and the Solitary Bird

Sacred Architecture, Silent Dhikr, and Wild Stones

Orthodox Gems, Gaelic Psalms, and Dream Yoga

Kebra Nagast, A Good Life, and a Luminous Darkness

The Craft of the Heart, Seeing the Saints, and the Maiden of Ludmir

Ignatian and Hesychast Prayer, Central Asian Sufi Music

“Puppet Complex”, the Essence of Virtue, and the Mystery of Ali

The Intermediate State, Perennial Philosophy, and Juz’ Amma

Science Examined, The Origin of ‘Scripture’, and Kabbalistic Retreats

The Great War, an Ethiopian Saint, Sufism and Yoga

Melotherapy, the Deeper Sense of Studying, and Carthusian Guidance

Books and Contemplative Life, the Royal Society, and Psychology Analysed

Relativism, to be a Person, and the Mysteries of Sound, Word and Reality

The Yoga Sutras in Sanskrit and Arabic, and Mozart’s Eternal Vision

Mysteries of Divine and Human Speech, Light upon Light

Counting the Zen Way, Gaelic Songs and Hasidic Wisdom

Tolkien, Mulla Sadra on Prayer, and Conservatism

One-Letter Mantra, Folk Indian Art and the “Centuries”

The Power of Prayers, and Illusion and Reality

The Angel of Light, Dance of Condors and the Matter of Metaphysics

Aikido & Cosmology, John Main and a Hindu Summa

Poliphony, Heavenly Sounds and the Tipi of the Heart

Seven Subtleties, Ghazali’s Light and Hatha Yoga

The Self as the Enemy and the Friend, and a Hundred Word Eulogy

Musical Metaphysics, Japanese Synthesis, and the Identity of the Church

Wonder, Comparing Philosophy, and Breaking the Spell

Great Learning, a Festival, and Aquinas and Islam

The Garden, the Sibyl and a Conversation on Islam

Two Swords, and Songs of Joy and the Four Worlds

The Holy Mountain, Sacred Art and Progress

Adastra, the Cosmic Luth and Confessional Accounting

Presence, Elias Returning, and a Shared Saint

Kintsugi, Hermetica and Beauty as State

Before Your Eyes, the Divine Vision, and Lover and Beloved

Chinese Gleams, Language Depths, and Hindu and Christian Avatars

Christian Pilgrimage, Shugendo, and Seven Difficulties

Weighing the Word, the mystic OM, a little mystagogy and the five hearts

Silence, Bach, Collective Work and Presence

Islam without Sufism, Leibniz and an Old Master

Lady Philosophy, India and the Vale of the Soul

The Aim, Alchemy for Sisters, and Divine Help

The Song of Songs of Divine Love, and a Modern Reform

Singing Birds, Abu Bakr’s Prayer and Cooking Instructions

Returning to the World, Indian Music and Stray Camels