Nicholas of Flüe (Brother Klaus)

Saint Nicholas of Flüe (1417–1487) is the patron saint of Switzerland. A farmer, military leader, member of the assembly, councillor, judge and mystic, Brother Klaus’ counsel to the Diet of Stans (1481) helped to prevent war between the Swiss cantons. He has been called “un silence qui fonde la Suisse”, a silence that founds Switzerland.

His prayer:
   My Lord and my God, take everything from me that keeps me from Thee.
   My Lord and my God, give everything to me that brings me near to Thee.
   My Lord and my God, take me away from myself and give me completely to Thee.

   Mein Herr und mein Gott, nimm alles mir, was mich hindert zu Dir.
   Mein Herr und mein Gott, gib alles mir, was mich fördert zu Dir.
   Mein Herr und mein Gott, nimm mich mir und gib mich ganz zu eigen Dir.

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Brother Klaus’ “Meditation Wheel”
Bruder Klaus Rad

“This is the book in which I learn and seek the knowledge of the undivided Godhead.”

Contemplation picture by Brother Klaus, painted on linen ca. 1475/80.
Bruder Klaus Tuch

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