Listening for God in All Things: Carmina Gadelica

A chapter on traditional Celtic prayers, from Listening for the Heartbeat of God
by Philip Newell

Grace is seen as enabling our nature to flourish, as co-operating with the light that is within every person. Thus many of the prayers for grace ask for the development of aspects of our essential, God-given nature. For example, they request “the grace of health”, “the grace of love” and the grace of wisdom, beauty, voice, music or dancing.

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Click here for a reading in Gaelic of “An Achanaidh Anama” (“The Soul Plaint”), one of the prayers in the anthology.

Click here for a sung version of “Sorchar nan Reul”, “The Light’ner of the Stars”.

Republished here with thanks to the publishers. Follow this link for related literature, and click here for more information on the CD recording of selected hymns and prayers.

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