Bach as Architect and Servant of the Spiritual

A closer look at the Goldberg Variations
Tjako van Schie

The work is like a big diamond, polished by a super-diamond-polisher, in which every time again a certain face can be admired or looked at. The more often you hear the piece, the more it becomes clear, but also the more miraculous stuff you can discover in it! To end with Dirk Schäfer: “Art is the direct revelation of truth.”

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Listen to the Aria played by the author

  or click here to download – 5:29 (5.3MB)

The Aria is not accidentally the opening piece of a series of variations, but has an almost infinite large number of “mini-variations” enclosed in it.

• Follow this link to a free high quality recording of the Variations by Kimiko Ishizaka.

Republished here with thanks to the author. Information on another remarkable performance of the variations can be found following this link.

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