A Goddess of Depth, Overcoming Nature, and Flying Home

A Rabbi and a Shaykh, Korean Buddhism, and the Arrow Prayer

Orthodox Eros, Jewish Compassion, and the Spiritual Master

Aspects of the Divine Veil: Hidden God, Protective Mother

A Shared House, Sinai Icons, and Ascent in Song

Towards the Essential, Science, Knowledge and Religion

On God’s Name, Sound and Liturgy, Jewish-Muslim Places

Sacred Music, the Seven Castles of the Soul, and Jewish-Muslim Encounters

Knots Untied, Rabbi Nachman, and Bread Making

The Pearl of Eternity, Colours of Intention, and Syriac Chants

The Craft of the Heart, Seeing the Saints, and the Maiden of Ludmir

Science Examined, The Origin of ‘Scripture’, and Kabbalistic Retreats

Cosmic Dance, Hindu & Buddhist Techniques, and Moroccan Jewish Songs

Mysteries of Divine and Human Speech, Light upon Light

Counting the Zen Way, Gaelic Songs and Hasidic Wisdom

Kiondos, Pure Land Wisdom, and the Thirty-Six Hidden Saints

Wonder, Comparing Philosophy, and Breaking the Spell

Two Swords, and Songs of Joy and the Four Worlds

Presence, Elias Returning, and a Shared Saint

Love Conversion, Timaeus and Hasidic Prayer

Chinese Gleams, Language Depths, and Hindu and Christian Avatars

The Song of Songs of Divine Love, and a Modern Reform

The Underlying Religion, the Emperor’s Vigil and the Book of Formation

Bach’s Musical Geometry, Kabbalah Origins and The Dragon Gate

Gladsome Light, Kabbalistic Prayer and Heeding the Self

Kiss of Life, Learning from Islam and the Power of Melancholy

Walking as Duty, Common Ground and Confucian Analects

The Temple, Beauty and the Wisdom of a Cat

From Religious Form, Chinese Time and the Redemption of the Sparks

Basho’s Narrow Road, Beowulf, the Axis Mundi and the Wine Song

Giqatila, Sufi Encounters, Tibetan Wisdom, Metaphysics of Beauty

Divine Love, Science Dogmas, Leonard Cohen and the Metaphysics of Money

Shaykh Yusuf, Wisdom of Animals, Pico’s Secret and Chinese and Hindu Art

The 33 Questions, the Stone, Beauty and Three Sufi Poems

On Women, Cosmogony and Sacred Doctrine, with Two Lectures

Intention, “Son of God”, al-Shadhili and Om and Amen

Mirror of Gesture, Ibn Gabirol, Imam Ali and Wabi-Sabi

The Vedanta, the Chariot, a Qur’anic Response and Christian-Muslim Dialogue

Sacred Audio Collection

Christ Through Jewish Eyes / The Syrian Diaspora

New Monograph: Sacred Royalty / BESHT on Prayer

Adyan Articles / Nasr Lectures

New Monograph: Ascent to Heaven / Chief Rabbi Lectures

New Monograph: Sacred Royalty / BESHT on Prayer

On the Philokalia and the Vision of God