St Bernard on the Song of Songs

The Song of Songs was for many centuries the most commented book of the Bible, from the Church Fathers down to the Renaissance Kabbalists. St Bernard of Clairvaux in particular produced a series of 86 sermons interpreting the book. We present here a selection of the opening pages and also the full text in English and in the original Latin.

There is that song which excels any other there might be; it stands at a point where all the others culminate. Only the touch of the Spirit can inspire a song like this, and only personal experience can unfold its meaning. Let those who are versed in the mystery revel in it; let all others burn with desire rather to attain to this experience than merely to learn about it. For it is not a melody that resounds abroad but the very music of the heart…

Click the following links for:

• The first two sermons (A4 size / eBook / tablet).

• An A4 PDF of the first 43 sermons.

An HTML version

• The entire original Latin text.

Hebrew text of the Song, with English translation and Rashi’s verse by verse commentary

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