The Rule of St Albert and the Ten Books

Two foundational documents of the Carmelite order, which continue to guide the contemplatives of this congregation over the centuries.

The Rule of Saint Albert

You should do some work, so that the devil will always find you occupied and he may not through your idleness find some entrance to your souls.

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Or click here for the Latin text, from Heroica Carmeli regula a Sanctissimo Dei propheta Elia vita et exemplo tradita, Cologne, 1682.

The Ten Books on the Way of Life and Great Deeds of the Carmelites (extract)

by Felip Ribot

“For earth” —that is, for the earthly affections and riches, you shall put them aside— “God will give you flint”, that is, a strong and ardent love. For flint is a hard stone and gives off sparks from which fire is born, and it signifies that perfect love of which the Wiseman says, “love is as strong as death, devotion as enduring as hell; its brightness is like flashes of fire or of flames”.

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With thanks to The British Province of Carmelites.

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