Qur’an: Juz’ ‘Amma

Part of the Matheson Trust Sacred Audio Collection

A juz’ is a thirtieth part of the Qur’an, and the Juz’ ‘Amma is the name of the last thirtieth of the Qur’an. Due to the particular structure of the book, in which the suras decrease in extension gradually, this thirtieth contains almost half the total number of suras, from 78 (Al-Naba’) to 114 (Al-Nas). This juz’ famously includes some of the earliest revelations received by the Prophet in Mecca before the Hijra, often in a highly evocative and rhapsodic language — “as if human language were shattered into a thousand pieces under the pressure of the Infinite Divine Speech.”

Maria Ulfah, Juz’ ‘Amma

This recording in two parts is by Indonesian qari’a Hajja Maria Ulfah, one of the most highly regarded living reciters of the Qur’an.

• 1st Part, sura 78 to sura 86.

Click here to download – 34:51 (25.1MB)

• 2nd part: sura 87 to sura 114.

Click here to download – 40:57 (29.5MB)

Al-Husari, Juz’ ‘Amma

This recording is by Egyptian qari’ Mahmud Khalil al-Husari (1917–1980), a revered shaykh and scholar among twentieth-century reciters.

Click here to download – 1:28:44 (85MB)

• The original text, alternative recordings, and a wealth of translations are available online from Quran.com and other similar sites.

Republished here with thanks. Follow this link for a free recording of the entire Qur’an by Mrs Ulfah.

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