The Phoenix and the Turtle

William Shakespeare

Listen to the poem, read by Edith Evans and Donald Wolfitt:

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Selected bibliographical resources

Peter Dronke
“The Phoenix and the Turtle” (3.3MB)

An excellent article about the poem. Highly recommended.

H.E. Rollins Variorum (3MB)
A standard and useful introduction to the imagery of the poem.

Old English Phoenix Poem (2.3MB)
A medieval poem containing a detailed account of the nature of the Phoenix.

K.N. Harris, Lactantius Thesis (6.8MB)
An MA thesis on Lactantius’ classical De Ave Phoenice, with much information about the myth in general.

Chester: Love’s Martyr (17.4MB)
A 19th century edition of the original volume containing Shakespeare’s poem.

An article by Heinrich Straumann.
This article explores the relation between the poem and Shakespeare’s plays.