Marc Loopuyt: Art & Wisdom of the Oud — UK events 2019

The events described below took place as programmed and very successfully. We are very grateful to the host institutions and our co-organizers.

Here are links related to Marc’s performances while in the UK.

• From the Cambridge Faculty of Music Mirroring Musical Traditions project, a blog entry with some reflections on the visit and the teachings.

• Here is a temporary page with unedited recordings from the lecture and performance at the Warburg Institute.

On a rare visit to the UK, the French and cosmopolitan master of the oud and the flamenco guitar, Marc Loopuyt, will share his knowledge and his craft with the public in three distinct though related events:

Wed. 25 September: “A Living History of the Oud, its Form & Sound,” performance and lecture at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts (event held at the Hallam Conference Centre, Marylebone), London.

Fri. 27 September: “Music of the Three Andalusias”, workshop and lecture at the Warburg Institute, Bloomsbury, London.

Tue. 1 October: “Mirroring Musical Traditions of the Two Andalusias”, workshop and lecture for the Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge, Cambridge.

In addition to countless live performances and a book on the oud, Marc Loopuyt has a fascinating discography, including his own recordings and also, as a producer, a number of volumes for the famous “Ocora–Musiques du Monde” collection. Here are some links to video clips of Marc’s performances and courses:

Duo de oud.


Guitar master class snippet.

Canta Canti duo.

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