John Main: Biography

Stefan Reynolds

Life of Fr John Main OSB (1926-1982), one of the most influential recent promoters of a Western Christian way of invocation.

—Saccidananda: “It is difficult, there are distractions, the mind is like a tree full of chattering monkeys, to clear a way through the jungle we take a single word, a Mantra, and repeat it ceaselessly in our mind and heart, giving it our full attention.”
—Douglas: “Could you teach me as a Christian to meditate?”
—Saccidananda: “Certainly, it would make you a better Christian. Try to meditate every day, twice a day, half an hour in the morning, half an hour in the evening and we can meditate together at the end of every week.”
—Douglas: “How long will this take?”
—Saccidananda: “As long as it takes you to say the Mantra.”
—Douglas: “What happens next?”
—Saccidananda: “There is no next. Say your mantra.”

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