The Analects of Confucius

Confucius (Kong Zi)

In the Far East, and for many centuries, the Confucian Analects (Lun Yu) have informed an enduring social order rooted in cultivation of the self through adherence to tradition. They continue to play a determinant role which could hardly be exaggerated. We present here a bilingual edition of the first two chapters, accompanied by an audio rendition and additional audio material.

The Master said, ‘If the scholar be not grave, he will not call forth any veneration, and his learning will not be solid. Hold faithfulness and sincerity as first principles. Have no friends not equal to yourself. When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them.’

Click here for an A4 PDF or here for a tablet version.

Alternative translations can be found at Wengu and at Confucius Publishing. The Chinese Text Project hosts the text with rich intertextual and language resources.

• Listen here to a Librivox bilingual recording of the first chapter:

Click here to download – 11:01 (10.6MB)

The rest of the audio book is available from this page, with thanks.

• Listen here to a recent children recitation of 1.1, with thanks to Zhang Hongming.

• And a Japanese recitation of chapter 1. Note the refrain Shiiwaku, “The master said”, at the beginning of sections.