A Mystical Encounter: Beaurecueil and Ansari

Minlib Dallh

I wish, only, with others, often by and through them, step by step, day by day, to move toward the Truth, in order that she possesses me. At times, no matter how dark is our night, I believe with all my being, for them (others) and for me, in the radiant morning star

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Fall in love in order to be somebody!
Fasting to endurance is a way to save on food.
Vigil and prayer is a labour for old women.
The pilgrimage is an occasion for tourism.
To distribute bread in alms is something for philanthropists:
Fall in love:
That is doing something!

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Fr. Dallh has authored a PhD thesis, available on this link from the University of Exeter, entitled “A Mystical Encounter of a Dominican Friar, Serge de Beaurecueil (d. 2005) and the Sufi Abdullah Ansari of Herat (d. 1089).”

Poems extract from the book Ansaris of Yusufpur, by Mahmud Ansari.