The Winter’s Tale & an Isma‘ili Muslim view of the Crucifixion

Continuing with our series of Martin Lings Temenos recordings, this week we have added to our library The Winter’s Tale, a play considered by Dr Lings to be the closest of all Shakespeare’s to Dante’s Divine Comedy, dealing symbolically with the rediscovery and then purification and reintegration of the human soul. Please follow this link to listen or download.

In our Islam section we welcome an article by Khalil Andani on the Isma’ili Muslim view of the Crucifixion and death of Christ, with a very interesting collection of traditional sources on this subject, like the following:

Jesus, on whom be peace, informed his community that the Lord of Resurrection, of whom he was the harbinger, will unveil the realities hidden in the forms of the religious laws, the people will know them and be unable to deny them. This would be like a whole population seeing someone crucified.
(Abu Yaqub al-Sijistani, 10th cent.)

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