Volf: Allah, a Christian Response / More from the Hear! project

Following the publication of his book Allah: A Christian Response, Miroslav Volf, from Yale University, explains how some typical misconceptions of the Trinity hinder the dialogue between Christians and Muslims, while a better understanding of the doctrine reveals fundamental agreement. The talk, given at Wheaton College, can be listened to or downloaded here with an interesting round of questions and answers.

On another front, continuing with our Hear! project recordings, Reza Shah-Kazemi reads for our Library “The Prophet”, a seminal chapter from Understanding Islam by Frithjof Schuon.

“Love of the Prophet constitutes a fundamental element in Islamic spirituality… It arises because Muslims see in the Prophet the prototype and model of the virtues which constitute the theomorphism of man and the beauty and equilibrium of the Universe, and which are so many keys or paths towards liberating Unity – this is why they love him and imitate him even in the very smallest details of daily life. The Prophet, like Islam as a whole, is as it were a heavenly mould ready to receive the influx of the intelligence and will of the believer and one wherein even effort becomes a kind of supernatural repose.”