Two New Talks: “Othello” and “Seeing God Everywhere”

This week we continue to expand our Martin Lings Shakespeare lectures collection with the addition of Othello, a lecture organised in London in the late 1990’s by The Temenos Academy. Referring to this play, Dr Lings explains that “Shakespeare achieves here an overwhelming impact of a kind which drama alone, of all the arts, makes posible… [the] instantaneous and dazzlingly clear proof that white is white and black is black, comes as a fiat lux, an irresistible Divine command: ‘Let there be light!’. The blind eye is filled with light and takes its rightful place at the summit of the soul.”

“Seeing God Everywhere: Traversing the Spiritual Path”: Thanks to our friends at the  Australian Centre for Sufism and Irfanic Studies we have a brand new video in which Dr Reza Shah-Kazemi elaborates on the expression “Seeing God Everywhere”, explaining what is the deepest way of understanding this from within the Qur’anic, hence Islamic and Sufi perspective.