Library items classified under: Pilgrimage

Shared Rituals Through Ziyarat in Lebanon

Nour Farra-Haddad

File Type: PDF

The House of Mary in Ephesus

Manoël Pénicaud

File Type: Video

Jewish-Muslim Veneration at Pilgrimage Places in the Holy Land

Pamela Berger

File Type: PDF

The Voyage of Saint Amaro: A Spanish Legend in Nahuatl Literature

Louise M. Burkhart

File Type: PDF

St Brendan’s Navigation: Landscape and Paradise in Early Medieval Ireland

Elva Johnston

File Type: PDF

Fifty-four Years as an Athonite Pilgrim: Then and Now

Kallistos Ware

File Type: Audio

Sharing Saints, Shrines, and Stories: Practicing Pluralism in North India

Anna Barry Bigelow

File Type: PDF

Landscape and Pilgrimage in the Christian Tradition (video)

Alessandro Scafi, Avril Maddrell, Heather Walton, Veronica della Dora

File Type: Video

Shugendo and the Yoshino-Kumano Pilgrimage

Paul Swanson

File Type: PDF

The Desert as Reality and Symbol

Donald Goergen

File Type: eBook, PDF

Walking as a Sacred Duty

Elliot R. Wolfson

File Type: PDF

The Endless Voyage

Michel Chodkiewicz

File Type: HTML

The Narrow Road to the Interior (Oku no Hosomichi)

Matsuo Basho

File Type: Audio

Ascent to Heaven in Islamic and Jewish Mysticism

Algis Uždavinys

File Type: PDF

Inside Pathan Country: A Brief Encounter with a Traditional World

John Ahmed Herlihy

File Type: PDF

The Inner Dimension of Pilgrimage to Mount Athos

Marco Toti

File Type: PDF

Pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain

James Cutsinger

File Type: PDF