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La Martorana: Church of St Mary of the Admiral in Palermo

Maria Vaiou

File Type: PDF

Kikuyu Kiondo Cosmology: Why Traditional African Huts are Circular

Joseph Waweru Kamenju

File Type: PDF

The Celestial Gardener

Jean Hani

File Type: PDF

Traditional Geometry & Architecture in Practice: Lecture & Workshop with Taimoor Khan

Taimoor Khan Mumtaz

Interfaith Dialogue through Architecture

David Brown

File Type: PDF

Religious Ideas in Craftsmanship

Ananda K. Coomaraswamy

File Type: PDF

Poblet Monastery Cloister Garden

Josep M. Mallarach

File Type: PDF

The Cosmic Womb: Labyrinths and Rebirth in Christian Symbolism

Sarah Jane Boss

File Type: PDF

Cosmology, Ecology and Sacred Architecture

Seyyed Hossein Nasr

File Type: Audio

The Minbar: Symbol of Verticality and of Elevation

Jane Fatima Casewit, Naima Chikhaoui

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