New Website / New Author: John Bussanich

We are very happy to announce the launch of our new website design which, apart from obvious visual improvements, introduces a more dynamic structure better suited to our library of different media.

It is hoped that by introducing these aesthetic and structural improvements we are bringing the appearance of the website a little closer to its content, aspiring to conform to Plato’s dictum that “Beauty is the splendour of the True”.

Please take a look at the new design by clicking on this link. The library is now interconnected in a more organic way and this should make it easier to access related topics and authors. Our search tool continues to work as before with a few improvements to speed things up. We look forward to receiving your comments and any questions through our Contact page.

We would also like to welcome our latest Library addition, a remarkable article entitled “Socrates the Mystic”, giving a rare insight into the centuries-old discussion about the nature of Socrates’ daimon and trance-like experiences. Many thanks to Prof. John Bussanich, from the University of New Mexico, for his contribution.

Apologies to our subscribers for the recent re-duplication of a November news issue. Please ignore it as an unexpected outcome of our website overhaul.