Native audio recordings / Paths to the Same Summit

After months of selection and editing, we can finally present the Native Religions section of our Sacred Audio collection. Needless to say, and while still a representative sample, this remains only an introduction to a vast field, somehow reflecting the fact that indigenous traditions worldwide mirror the pervasiveness of nature. Our selection includes authentic recordings from New Zealand, the Central Asian steppes, the Amazonia, the forests of Congo and other locations. Please click here to browse and listen.

From the pages of The Bugbear of Literacy, by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, we bring a seminal chapter on comparative religion: “Paths That Lead to the Same Summit”. First published in 1943, this brief article is still foundational reading for the discipline, giving many valuable insights and basic reference works.

It is mainly because religion has been offered to modern men in nauseatingly sentimental terms (“Be good, sweet child,” etc.), and no longer as an intellectual challenge, that so many have been revolted, thinking that that “is all there is to” religion.

Finally, we would like to remind our readers of our now impending London symposium: “A Search for the Time-less in Sacred Art and Architecture.” Full details of this unique event taking place on May 18 are available following this link.