Measure for Measure and a lecture undelivered

We have two new talks on our audio library this week: in The Sound of a Lecture Undelivered: Jesus and the World’s Religions, Prof. James Cutsinger, from the University of South Carolina, makes use of an ingenious rhetorical device to elucidate a penetrating Christian view of the plurality of religions. A PDF version of this talk is already available from our website following this link.

In our second talk, following with our Martin Lings Shakespeare lectures series, we have Measure for Measure, of which Dr Lings has this to say: “In no play does Shakespeare represent more clearly than in Measure for Measure the dangers of the spiritual path. At the outset of the path the perverted psychic elements are more or less dormant and remote from the centre of consciousness. They must first of all be woken and then redeemed, for they cannot be purified in their sleep; and it is when they wake in a state of raging perversion that there is always the risk that they will overpower the whole soul…”