Macbeth / The Metaphysics of Relativity

This week we have a new Temenos lecture by Martin Lings: “Macbeth”, which, Dr Lings explains: “unfolds before us the whole panorama of human history, from the primordial age represented by the reign of Duncan to the millenium represented by the reign of Malcolm.”

In addition to this we have a new article by Patrick Laude: “Shimmering Reality: The Metaphysics of Relativity in Mystical Traditions,” where the author, using as a starting point the foundational texts of Advaita Vedanta, elaborates on “the mystery of universal metaphysical relativity, or universal existence,” trying to ascertain what is the latter’s ontological status according to wisdom and mystical traditions, across religious boundaries. We are grateful to the author and to Philosophy East and West for permission to publish this article.