Korean Buddhism: Two Prefaces by Master Wonhyo

Bhiksu Wonhyo

Now, as paths are concerned, the Buddha-path is deep and profoundly mysterious—mysterious in its absence of gap. It is expansive and vast, extending far without limit. Herein, the conditioned and the unconditioned are like illusions—they are not two things. Since the Buddha-path is unarisen and without marks, one wraps up both inner and outer, and both disappear. Both disappearing, one unfastens the two kinds of fetters and is freed from their bondage.

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Excerpt from Collected Works of Korean Buddhism, Vol. 1, Wonhyo: Selected Works. Edited by A. Charles Muller. Translated by A. Charles Muller, Jin Y. Park, Sem Vermeersch. Published by the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. Republished here with warm thanks.