The Winter’s Tale

Dr Martin Lings

“…The other characters stand round like guardian angels while Leontes plunges deeper and deeper into Hell. They know that he is not himself… The lost psychic substance has first of all to be rediscovered and then purified and reintegrated, and there is or can be a dangerous moment between the discovery and purification. Leontes has woken up dormant elements in his soul which have leapt upon him and overpowered him before he could subdue them… He is ‘in rebellion with himself’”

Recorded in London by The Temenos Academy, October 1993.

The Winter’s Tale, 1st part

Click here to download – 32:56 (31.6MB)

The Winter’s Tale, 2nd part

Click here to download – 32:20 (31MB)

Format: MP3.

Republished by kind permission of The Temenos Academy.

The Secret of Shakespeare: His Greatest Plays seen in the Light of Sacred Art, by Martin Lings, is available from Archetype.

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