“The Prophet” (Audio)

by Frithjof Schuon,
from the book Understanding Islam, published by World Wisdom Books.

Read by Reza Shah-Kazemi for The Matheson Trust.

The Prophet

Click here to download – 56:59 (54.7MB)

“The nature of the Prophet comprises the two perfections of totality and of origin: Muhammad incarnates the theomorphic and harmonious totality of which we are fragments, and also the origin in relation to which we are states of decay… to follow the Prophet means extending the soul to the life of all beings, to serve God (‘ibadah) and to pray (dhakara) with all and in all; but it also means reducing the soul to the divine remembering (dhikru ’Llah) of the one and primordial soul.”

This recording is part of the Matheson Trust Hear! Project.

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