The Craft of the Heart

Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo

This little classic, by a master of the Thai Forest tradition, gives the full range of teachings on the practice of the Buddha’s craft, from the observance of the five precepts to the attainment of total liberation.

When a person is born, we call it a baby. When it gets older, we call it a child. When it gets still older, we call it a young man or a young lady, and when its hair gets gray and its teeth break, we call it Grandma or Grandpa. What gives rise to all these names? One and the same person. So it is with the mind that is supposed to be many. We don’t understand what the words are supposed to mean, so we go groping around after our own shadows.

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With warm thanks to Metta Forest Monastery and Access to Insight. Follow this link for list of works by Ajaan Lee.

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